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WelcomeAir-Ad Promotions, Inc. is the largest, most diverse company of its kind in the United States. Through our continued pursuit of excellence and innovation, Air-Ad Promotions, Inc. has emerged as the market leader and a true powerhouse in the industry. We get you noticedâ„¢.
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You have seen our balloons everywhere. Across the parking lot or down the street... the buyer's eyes will find you.

When compared to TV, Radio or Newspaper, Air-Ad Promotions, Inc. will give you the biggest bang for your advertising buck.

Starting at $1000

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Hot Air-Shaped Inflatables
Custom Inflatables
Seasonal Inflatables
Helium Balloons/Tethered
Tube Dancers
Search Lights
Indoor/Outdoor Signage
Vehicle Advertising
Mobile Billboards
Adversail TM Flags

Why use Air-Ad Promotions?
* Over 15 Years Experience
* Established Leader since 1992
* Highly Trained Staff
* Fully Insured
* Highest Quality Equipment
* Lowest Price in the Industry
* Cleanest Balloons
* Best Fitting Banners
* Nationwide Service Centers
* Best Track Record in the Biz

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